First, you need to set up a Facebook page & Instagram account

1. Create a Facebook page (or use an existing one)

2. Create a business or influencer Instagram account (or use an existing one)

3. Connect the Instagram account to the Facebook page

4. Sign in to your Adriel account.

5. Click Connections at the top.

6. Type "Instagram Public" on the search bar.

7. Click the new connection button

8. Login with the Facebook account that has a Facebook page connected

9. Accept all permissons

Now, you need to set up the data source.

How to the setup data source

1. Facebook page

  • Click on ‘Facebook page’ dropdown.

  • Select a Facebook page with a connected Instagram account.

2. Instagram accounts to fetch data from

  • Copy channel id from last part of channel URL (Screenshot)

  • Insert this channel ID to the field in the form.

You can connect multiple channels ids like this. Limit is 50 :

3. Human readable name

  • You can type anything in here. This will be the name of the data source.

4. Finally, click create data source button. Done!

< If you connected your facebook account but you are getting an error when loading data, follow these steps >

1. Go to and delete permissions for adriel

2. Wait 15 minutes for data processing

3. Open view that contains facebook and instagram data sources

4. Wait 15 minutes for data processing

5. Go to connection page

6. Click ‘connect again’ next to facebook and instagram datasources that are disconnected

7. Finally, Both facebook and instagram should work now

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