Adriel dashboard offers two different types of table widgets: Ads data and Custom data.

For table (Ad), any data sources from ad channels can be added.

For table (Custom), only analytics accounts can be added.

If the table type is ‘Custom’, you can only select data sources that belong to ‘Analytics’, such as GA, Appsflyer, and Spreadsheet.

Learn how to customize a Table (Custom)

The currently available data sources are Google Analytics, Appsflyer, and Spreadsheet.

  1. Click "+ Add a widget", then add a table (Custom)

  2. You will see that a new Table (Custom) has been added with a panel that has been opened on the right-hand side.

3. In the panel, you can customize the data sources which they would like to edit or remove from the analytics table. Click the Data source box and select it from the list.

You may not select Google Analytics, Appsflyer, and Branch at the same time.

4. You will also able to customize the breakdowns and metrics which they want to edit or remove from the analytics table.

5. You can select, unselect, or drag any of the items present.

6. If you select breakdown or metric items which are not supported together, the table will not be updated and will show a red toast with a message.

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