Utilize Breakdown to better customize your table.

When you create a new table, the data appears as [Channels > Campaign > Ad set] in order as default. You can change this order and display data as you want it to appear on your table by using Breakdown.

1. Click Settings, and open the edit panel of the table.

2. Notice that breakdowns are displayed in the order: [Channels > Campaign > Ad set] in the Breakdown box.

3. To create a breakdown, click "+ Breakdown" and open up a new panel.

3. Enter the category you would like to create. (Country, language, product, etc.)

4. Title the label, and select campaigns by filtering using up to three options:

  • All campaigns with titles

  • All campaigns with UTM

  • Select manually

5. Click "+ Create a new label" if you want to add a new label.

(I created a new breakdown called “Country” and added three labels indicating different countries.)

6. Click Apply and find the breakdown under the “Custom breakdown” list. Drag it to the breakdown box.

7. Click Apply, and the data is then displayed within the table, as you ordered in the breakdown box.

  • For data that is not applicable to the designated label filter, it will be shown with “Unlabelled” added to its name.

8. To edit or remove the created breakdown metric, open the panel again, hover your cursor over the item, and click on the "Pencil" icon.

That's all!

Now, time to create your own tables. Go to your dashboard and start to explore!

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