Adriel supports and combines the information from all your paid ad media channels, analytics tools, and mobile measurement partners into one single workspace.

While Mobile Measurement Partners such as Appsflyer or Branch provide cross-platform information regarding your app’s user activity and attribution, with Adriel you can visualize, blend, and compare all of your online advertising data from channel to partner, partner to analytics and channel to analytics no matter the campaign objective.

What Adriel has that MMPs don’t:

  • Paid media, MMP, and analytics data all in one dashboard.

  • Data and insights for any campaign type and objective (both web and mobile).

  • Customizable dashboards that allow you to group campaigns by any objective or strategy and review performance from numerous sources.

  • Different views to manage separate brands, products, or clients within the same workspace.

  • An all-in-one workspace providing a 360 view of all your digital marketing campaigns (link click, lead generation, search…), keyword data, real-time alarms, creative insights, and more.

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