Why do I need domain verification and web events?

Changes to iOS 14 announced by Apple have affected how Facebook Pixels receive and process events.

Domain verification and web event configuration are actions to respond to these changes, and if domain verification and web event configuration are not completed, transition campaign execution using pixel events and generation of remarketing/similar targeting ads can be limited.

Action to be taken

1. Please proceed with domain verification.

Domain authentication must be performed by the business manager who owns the pixel and can be performed by an account with business manager 'operator' authentication.

Please proceed with domain authentication by referring to the information.

If you have any difficulties with the proceeding, please refer to the domain verification exercise at the bottom of the information page.

2. Please complete the web event configuration on the pixel account.

Please organize the events that are processed using the event measurement protocol collected from the domain. If it's a standard event and customized transition, it can be set as a web event.

You can complete the process by clicking Event Manager - Pixel Overview - "Manage collected events (measurements)" - "Configure web events."

3. Please share the domain.

Please share permissions on the domain so that Adriel can access your domain and gain web event information.

Add or select Adriel on the Business Settings - Users - Partner page and click the "Share Asset" button to share your advertiser's domain.

(Adriel Business Manager ID: 525463574501100)

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