Once you have successfully connected your channels, all of your data will be shown through your dashboard. Various insights can be derived by creating your own customized views.

Learn how to customize your view so as to organize all your paid ad data for easier management. You can check on it conveniently at any time, and may even share it with your team members.

Add, move, or remove widgets.

All widgets have different names, including:

  • Overview

  • Table (Ad)

  • Table (Analytics)

  • Graph

  • Alarms

1. To add a widget,

  • Click "+ Add a widget" next to the search bar at the top

  • At the bottom of the view page that appears, click the "+ Add a widget" button.

2. To move a widget,

  • Click the icon of a table.

  • Drag the widget to above or below.

3. To remove a widget,

  • Click the three-dot icon.

  • Select "Remove this widget".

4. If you would like to customize a widget by changing its properties, click on ‘Settings’ next to the widget’s title.

To learn how to change Alarm settings, click here.

To learn how to customize tables, click here.

Create a new view or folder for easy management.

1. Click the "New view" button if you want to add a new view.

2. Click the "New folder" button if you want to add a new folder.

3. For the folder, you can:

  • Rename the title

  • Delete

  • Set it private to limit data access

  • Make it public again

You can limit view access per member for each private folder.

To learn how to limit access per view, click here.

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