Before you begin

To edit a campaign’s schedule and budget, you must at least have View & edit permissions in the workspace.

You can edit the following conditions for each channel without having to navigate to different channels’ settings pages at the same time:


1. Sign in to your Adriel account.

2. Click Dashboard at the top.

3. Click the edit icon (pencil symbol) next to the campaign or ad set title in the Campaign table. It will activate the Edit panel on the right.

4. In the Edit panel on the right, you can modify the following settings:

  • Status: You can turn the selected campaign or ad set on or off.

  • Budget: You can edit the value for lifetime or daily budget as set in the campaign or ad set. The budget must be larger than the amount spent so far.

  • Schedule: You can edit the end date.

  • Labels: You can change the row labels of the selected campaign.

5. Click Update to apply the changes.

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