The number of clicks displayed on the Adriel dashboard and the number of sessions seen in Google Analytics can differ. Basically, however, clicks and sessions are separate metrics.

The Adriel dashboard tracks the number of clicks that advertising platforms track, while Analytics tracks the number of sessions. If a user clicks an ad twice within 30 minutes without closing their browser, Analytics records this as 1 session, even if the user leaves the site and returns immediately. Therefore, there may be a difference between click count and session count data. But if the difference between the two numbers is too great, please check on the following reasons.

1) If you see more sessions than clicks:

  • The Adriel advertising performance excludes invalid clicks, but Analytics includes them in the data.
    Although invalid clicks are automatically excluded from the Adriel dashboard in order to facilitate clearer advertising performance, the Google Analytics report includes site sessions generated by both valid and invalid clicks. To reiterate, Adriel excludes from reports clicks which occur repeatedly so as to increase the cost or click rate. Therefore, you will not be charged for these potential invalid clicks.

  • Session initialization occurred, aggregating further sessions.
    Due to that the default length of a session is initialized every 30 minutes, if the user moves to a landing URL and turns on a device after 30 minutes, additional sessions may be aggregated. Also, for similar reasons, if a user who came in at 11:50 p.m. stays on the website for 20 minutes, one session will be added since this triggers the counting of the passing of a day (time beyond midnight).

2) When the number of sessions on Analytics is less than the number of clicks on the Adriel Dashboard:

  • Your site has re-rewritten the server-side URL.

    Adding other parameters to a URL may prevent the rebuilt rule from working. Some websites do not allow arbitrary URL parameters to be implemented within URLs, so when these parameters are added, an error page will be displayed. Please ask your webmaster to allow arbitrary URL parameters.

  • You might have set up your browser to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data from the website
    You may be using other technologies (such as Google Analytics Blocking Browser Add-ons) that prevent users visiting advertisers' websites from using JavaScript or images, or from reporting on website users from Google Analytics. In some cases, these users will not be reported by Google Analytics. However, they can still be tracked by the Adriel Dashboard.

  • Visit pages may be redirected to other pages

    Redirection of visit pages often prevents Google Analytics code from being implemented. This leads Analytics to incorrectly recognize incoming traffic from paid search campaigns. For example, if an ad is linked to, but you created 301, 302, or JavaScript redirection and link to from the original URL, the campaign information originally attached to the visited page may be lost during the redirection process. Click here to learn more about tracking page redirection.

  • It simply may not be tracking your ad.
    Campaign information cannot be passed to Analytics unless the visited page of the ad is being tracked properly. You should configure the settings properly to track all the visit pages of the advertisement you are running.

  • Code must be loaded correctly on the page
    If the number of clicks performed as reported by the Adriel dashboard was not reported by Google Analytics, this may be due to a conflict between the click events in the ad being executed along with the ability to load the tracking code from the Visit page. In this case, make sure that the web hosting server is functioning properly, that the page is loading for all users and IPs, and whether the tracking code is installed correctly on the web page.

    Learn how to verify that you have installed the Analytics code correctly.

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