You can create custom pivot tables directly on the Dashboard without having to download your data on a separate sheet. Doing so puts you in control of grouping campaigns on different levels and prioritizing data that matter most to you. By creating your own pivot tables with your own KPIs, you can easily compare the performances of campaigns, ad sets, and ad creatives.

Before you begin

You can edit custom rows only if you have ad accounts connected.

How to edit table columns

1. Sign in to your Adriel account.

2. Click Dashboard at the top.

3. Click the blue edit icon on the right side of the campaign table.

4. From the dropdown menu, click Customize this pivot table.

5. On the left side of the pop-up window, scroll up/down to view the available metrics or type in the search box to find a metric by name.

6. Choose from the following options to modify table columns:

  • To add a column, click and hold the desired metric then drag the metric under the Columns section on the right.
  • To remove a column, click X next to the metric.
  • To change the order of the columns, click and drag each column

7. Click Apply.


How to edit table rows

To create and edit row labels, your pivot table must have additional rows besides the default “Campaign” row.

Create and edit rows

  1. Click the blue edit icon + on the right side of the campaign table.
  2. Choose from the following options to modify table rows:
  • To create a new row, click the plus icon next to Custom rows. Type in the name of the row to be added and click Create.
  • To add a row to the table, click a row metric on the left and drag it under to the Rows section on the right. You can add up to 5 rows including campaign level.
  • To change the hierarchy between the row metrics, click and drag a row metric to your preferred position.
  • To remove a row, click X next to the metric.

3. If you wish to save the rows and columns, check the box next to Save as preset and type in a name for your new pivot table. The saved presets will appear when you click the icon + in the campaign table.

4. Click Apply.

Create and edit row labels

If there are more than other rows rather than campaigns, you can label the campaigns under the rows created.

  1. To edit the row labels of the campaigns, click the checkbox next to desired campaigns in the campaign table. If selected at least 1 checkbox will bring the Row labels’ edit panel on the left.
  2. In the panel, you will find the list of rows you created. Click the dropdown list next to the row you wish to group the selected campaigns under.
  3. To create a new row label, click + Label. Type in the name and click Create. If there are preset labels in the dropdown list, simply click the label.
  4. Click Update to apply the changes in the table.

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