No matter how complex your marketing plan is or how many teams are involved, Adriel’s Dashboard does all the heavy lifting, so you can monitor and manage operations in comfort. Additionally, you save valuable time collecting scattered data across multiple channels while minimizing miscommunication amongst your team.

Everything in one dashboard - Get a bird’s eye view

How many hours do you spend wandering around Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, and other third-party tools just to collect simple data and understand the numbers? Stop wasting your time on deciduous data collection and liberate your team from repetitive work and any possible human error.

Connect your Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yelp, and Amazon ad accounts together and gather their data into one single dashboard. Adriel’s Dashboard enables you to experience a convenient analyzing process with customizable reports, metrics, views, and data uploads. Get clear visibility of campaign KPIs and achievement rates with real-time data.

Customize your dashboard - Real-time reports in your favorite format.

We know you're busy and need reports quickly and conveniently. With Adriel, You can easily build a neat dashboard by organizing it as you'd like - a dashboard that actually tells you something important.

  • Filter your Dashboard data with any combination of campaign elements such as campaign title, status, channel, tags, or any search terms.
  • Group campaigns together in a way that matters by reorganizing rows and columns like a pivot table.

Game-changing action - Catch green/red signals then take action immediately.

There is no secret to winning a war - take the right action at the right time. In reality, it becomes something very difficult to complete a simple action when using multiple tools with different layers of organizations.

With Adriel, you will always take the right action at the right time.

  • Identify and react more quickly to problems and opportunities.
  • Maximize ROI by redirecting campaign budgets, adjusting bid strategies, and updating audience settings with a few clicks.
  • Command once, and automatically apply changes to all channels.

Excel report - Agency at your hand

A good PPC report shares a compelling story of your data.

With Adriel, you can download professional Excel reports.

  • Compare results between different ad platforms and view all important metrics at a glance.
  • Analyze comprehensive data points and gain useful insights without the need for extra work.
  • Update performance numbers and see how your campaigns are doing in real-time

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