In the process of connecting to your Facebook Page, if the Page you want to connect can't be found on the list, please check the conditions below:

1. Please check whether you have a Facebook Page

  • In order to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, you must log in to the Facebook account and connect your Facebook Business Page, which was created under the account that you logged into. If you currently don't have a Facebook Business Page, please create on by following the link.

2. Please check whether you are the Admin of the Page

  • Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  •  Click Page Roles in the left column. From here, you can see your role listed below your name.

When you create a Page, you automatically become the Page's admin, which means you can change how the Page looks and publish as the Page. Only an admin can assign roles and change others' roles.

  • You can see the role displayed under your name.

In order to change the role, click 'Edit' and select the new role.

3. Please check whether Adriel has access to your Facebook Page.

  • Please make sure you give these access to Adriel.

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