1. Log in to Adriel and 'Create your own campaign'.

*Note: This campaign be only created by selecting "Create your own campaign."

2. Select 'Lead form' and click 'OK'.

Lead Form campaigns are used with a lead form website Adriel provides, to which you can edit accordingly.

3. Complete the lead form settings, then click 'Next Step'.

This is where your potential customers will be directed to after clicking your ads

4. Select your advertising platforms.

5. Create your ads with relevant ad copy & images, then click 'Next Step'.

*Your Facebook Page must be connected to your Adriel account in order to run Facebook and Instagram ads.

6. Complete the audience settings, then click 'Next'.

  • You can target your audience by age, gender, Income, location etc.
  • "Audience Interests" - Only for Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • "Search Keywords" - Only for Google ads.

7. Complete ad schedule & budget settings, then click 'Launch This Campaign'.

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