You can edit your ads at any time, even when they are running.

1. Editing Ads

To edit your ads, simply go to My Campaigns - Click on the following button for the campaign's ad you want to edit. 

Click on the ad you would like to edit.

If you want to change the image or video for your ad, click 'Change video/ image'.

Click on the "+" to upload a new image/ video.

Select the image or video and click 'Submit' 

2. Audience Targeting

If you want to set up your target audience setting, you can go to the Audience page in your campaign settings.

3. Schedule & Budget

Once your ads and target settings are set up, you can finish up by setting your schedule and budget for the campaign. Click the "Finish" button located on the bottom right of the page to update your ad. Your new ad will be delivered after a review by the ad platform.

Please note that frequent modifications to ads are not recommended, as continuous updates will affect the campaign's learning process.

Check out frequently asked questions about ad creation. 

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