1. Please make sure Google Analytics is set up properly.

  • When there is no data showing, make sure it is installed in your website.

2. In order for you to allow Adriel to access your Google Analytics account, please make sure you have proper permission to do so.

Log in with a Google account that has edit and user management privileges.

a. Administration
b. User Management
c. Check and modify permissions - Edit & Manager Users 

3. Please make sure the property type of your Google Analytics is set as "Web".

We cannot identify and connect your Google Analytics account if the property type is set as "Apps" or "Apps and web".

*How to create a ‘Universal Analytics’ property

1. Admin > Click ‘create property’

2. Fill the property setup > Show advanced options > Activate ‘create a Universal Analytics property > Insert the website URL > Choose ‘create a Universal Analytics property only’ > Click ‘Next’

3. Fill your business information > Click ‘create’

4. Check your Universal Analytics property

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