1. Billing threshold payment

You’ll be charged automatically for the first ten payments either when the advertisement costs have been accumulated for 3 days or reach the billing threshold* of $50. Therefore, if the total advertisement costs for 3 days are less than $50, the first method will be applied, otherwise the second.

Example 1) When the daily budget = $12, billed every 3 days.

Example 2) When the daily budget = $50, the accumulated costs will be billed on the second day.

*The billing threshold is the way how Adriel accumulates a reliable billing history; it is the amount of money you can spend on the campaign before you are charged. You will be charged when your advertising costs reach the billing threshold. When you first start advertising on Adriel, the billing threshold is automatically set to $50. Once your billing threshold has been reached and you have successfully made all ten payments in time, we switch to an automatic daily payment method.

In the event of a payment error, the campaign will be suspended automatically.

2. Automatic payment for daily advertising cost

Advertisers with a reliable payment histories are charged once every three days. If your daily budget is more than $ 100, your payment will be made once a day.

If payment errors accumulate, it will proceed based on the billing threshold to check the validity of the payment method.

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